Village of Boys Town


The Village of Boys Town, located in the Midwest on the west edge of Omaha, Nebraska, is one of the largest residential care communities in the country.

Here at Boys Town, we’ve been helping troubled teens make positive changes in their behavior since 1917. Around 400 children live in beautifully designed residential family homes. The charm of Boys Town provides a welcoming, healing environment for children and gives them a unique sense of belonging and identity.

Children attend year-round school, participate in recreational activities, school sports, and a variety of other extracurricular activities. And just like any other town, Boys Town offers many amenities right on campus:



June: LGBTQ+ Pride Month

May: AAPI Heritage & Mental Health Awareness Month

April: Child Abuse Awareness Month

March: Women's History Month

February: Black History Month

January: Human Trafficking Prevention Month

December: National Human Rights Month

November: National Adoption & National Native American Heritage Month

October: Hispanic Heritage & Youth Justice Action Month

September: Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

August: Successful Futures Month

Environmental Efforts

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